Job Description:
  • Provide quality content that is aligned with Customer’s applicable brand guidelines to be used across multiple channels including social and online channels
  • Work closely with stakeholders in the Primary Support Team, including category managers in the conception, review and production stages of marketing campaigns through regular meetings and daily sync ups (applicable to Secondary Support Offshore Team leads and Traffic Coordinator)
  • Edit and proofread (for spelling, punctuation and grammar) copy, and write social media content, blog posts and all media content
  • Provide services for various aspects of Content including Content writing, Design, Video and Translation
  • Perform the above mentioned responsibilities for the following work requests:
    1. Authoring “one (1) pagers”
    2. Editing content
    3. Social media activation
    4. Troubleshooting guides
    5. Installation guides
    6. Process documents
    7. Technical specifications and product specifications
    8. User manuals
    9. Content migration and digitization
    10. Technical illustration

Bachelor's/Master's degree in Journalism or Communication

Years of Experience:

2 to 3 years of relevant work experience


As per industry standards

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