Sr. Editor/ Senior Video Production

Sr. Editor/Senior Video Production

Job Description:
  • Provide services for post-production video work requests while maintaining a general standard of creative design through strict adherence to Customer’s applicable brand guidelines and style sheets:
    • Animations
    • Video subtitling
    • Interactive animations
    • Video editing
    • Rich media banners
  • Work closely with stakeholders in the Primary Support Team in the conception, review and production stages of marketing campaigns
  • Manage the resource allocation of work requests received via Customer’s applicable system to ensure that:
    • All work requests are dispatched in a timely manner to the appropriate operational resource within the Authoring, Design, and Video teams, scheduled in Customer’s applicable system
    • Final deadlines are achieved throughout the lifecycle of a work request
  • Oversee/manage the distribution of copy, making sure that content is properly deployed to the correct platforms and communicated to the appropriate stakeholders using Customer’s required version control procedures and naming conventions
  • Assign work requests to Sub-teams (Authoring, Design, Video, Translation) with the skills best suited for the content of the request and communicate with the Sub-teams regarding the requirements and deadlines for requests
  • Perform appropriate process checks and controls on submitted work requests, perform appropriate process quality checks, and controls on released jobs

Relevant degree with subjects including those related to art and design, with relevant course certifications

Years of Experience:

6 to 8 years of relevant work experience


As per industry standards

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