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Redefining and designing

the face of Fund Transfer Application

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Oracle Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP) is the industry-standard software application for implementing a matched rate transfer pricing system. Recognizing the value of matched rate transfer pricing, financial institutions are increasingly incorporating it into their performance measurement systems.

Key Benefits
  • Set transfer rates for a wide range of financial instruments
  • Price loan commitments using forward rates and calculate rate lock option costs
  • Integration of Risk, Performance Management, Customer Insight, and Financial Compliance
  • Modern & simple UI focused on Business & end User goals.
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Business Objectives

  • Removing Complexity & Intuitive UI Modern & simple UI focused on Business & end User goals.
  • Increased efficiency & usefulness Improving efficiency & effectiveness by simplifying the processes & reducing the friction.

UX Challenges / Problems

  1. Complex & confusing flows to complete the primary business objective.
  2. Outdated element interactions that do not align to present user mental models.​
  3. Lack of consistency regarding Navigation, Information Architecture, Visual Design, Structural Alignment, etc.
  4. Conversion to Redwood UI (Oracle new Design System)​

Our Solutions

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New On Boarding Experience

By simplifying the complex UI created a on boarding experience for a new user.

Intuitive Interface

Use existing mental models of the target users to reduce cognitive load to a minimum.


Build an aesthetically pleasing interface with minimum clutter that appeals to global audience.

Informative Dashboard

Introduced a dashboard that enables user to get all critical information upfront.

Benchmarking Standards

After understanding the business needs provided guidelines for the adoption of Redwood Design System


Visual Design

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Frontend Development

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  • Oracle Jet Image

Application UI – Final Outcome

Our UI/UX design services focus on slotting in robust UX design practices in each stage. We create interfaces that are aesthetically appealing, easy to navigate, and candidly user-friendly. Our happiness lies in maximizing your ROI and strengthening your brand.

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