Internal Comms Designer

Internal Comms Designer

Job Description:
  •  Support adaptation/edits and reflow of marketing collateral and campaigns as required for both print, and online media
  •  Adapt artwork and reflow brochures, event materials, promotional items, digital campaigns, graphical designs for web, landing pages, and other marketing materials for new feature amendments/enhancements, market localization content, new product launches etc.
  • Manage the resource allocation of work requests received via Customer’s applicable system to ensure that:
    • All work requests are dispatched in a timely manner to the appropriate operational resource within the Authoring, Design and Video teams, scheduled in Customer’s applicable system
    • Final deadlines are achieved throughout the lifecycle of a work request
  • Pro-efficient Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation Skills
  • Perform the above mentioned responsibilities for the following work requests:
    1. Local adaptation to social media banner
    2. Flyers, Ads, POPs, roll-up
    3. Image cropping; Photoshop adjustments
    4. Copy updates, edits, and translation
    5. Direct marketing templates
    6. Graphic design template
    7. PowerPoint templates; presentation layout
    8. Event kits
    9. Product SKU kit
    10. Brochures, catalogs

Relevant degree with subjects including those related to art and design, with relevant course certifications

Years of Experience:

2 to 4 years of relevant work experience


As per industry standards

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