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for AML Investigators

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Investigation Hub is one of the premium applications built on OFS Compliance Studio which allows investigators to rapidly view the case and ad-hoc information within the FCGM. The in-built scoring, matching, and correlation engines create meaningful units of investigation, and pre-configured red flags and risk factors target investigative effort effectively.

Key Benefits
  • Pre-built user interfaces for case investigation, special and Adhoc investigations and sanctions
  • Configurable red flags and risk factors to highlight key areas for investigation
  • Case summary in narrative format and case recommendation
  • Exploration of the financial crimes global-graph using an interactive and visual graph explorer tool
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Business Objectives

  • Information Cluster need to simplify How the experience can be improved using Data Visualization?
  • Increased efficiency & usefulness Improving efficiency & effectiveness by simplifying the processes & reducing the friction.

UX Challenges / Problems

  1. Application lacks in provide crucial information, can assess red flags but not shows whole picture.
  2. 5W’s (Who, What, When, Where & Why) of Case are missing, makes it inefficient to use.
  3. 25 cases a day to work is an impossible task for end user cause of scattered information & no logical hierarchy.
  4. Conversion to Redwood UI (Oracle new Design System)

Our Solutions

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Unique Dashboard

A dashboard that help user to assess 5W’s of the case in few minute without clicks or long scrolls.

Benchmarking Standards

After understanding the business needs provided guidelines for the adoption of the Redwood Design System.

Support Data Analysis

Information graphics are used to provide detailed analysis & increases the efficiency & effectiveness of Investigation

Detailed Information

Introduced a dashboard that enables user to get all critical information upfront.

Benchmarking Standards

Gathering contextual data from multiple applications & showing it in a clear format to increase user’s efficiency


Visual Design

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Frontend Development

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  • CSS 3 Image
  • JS Image
  • Oracle Jet Image

Application UI – Final Outcome

Our UI/UX design services focus on slotting in robust UX design practices in each stage. We create interfaces that are aesthetically appealing, easy to navigate, and candidly user-friendly. Our happiness lies in maximizing your ROI and strengthening your brand.

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