The Higher Pitch


Our wealth of experience in handling large scale and high-intensity marketing programs allows us to take a consultative approach with our clients. We specialize in blending the right proportions of frugality and largesse while arriving at marketing plans that fetch higher and sustained returns on your investments.

We also specialize in building new brands and recasting old ones, keeping in mind trends, recall value, and competitive advantage.

If you are an enterprise looking for cost-based efficiencies in Marketing, we help you identify the process and functions that best suit digitization and value-based humanization. We have the ability to deliver such efficiencies through a shared services framework as well as dedicated desks through a well-programmed offshore delivery model.


Depending on where you are on the curve, we help you strategize the right marketing approach and put together the most appropriate roadmap to execute. Our teams do a thorough audit of the ‘as-is' state of your marketing ecosystem and put together a comprehensive report that is benchmarked with what you need to do against your competition, and mapped with your customer journey. Our execution plans are a tailored mix of digital and conventional elements of what works best in your scenario.

If M&A is part of your growth, then our Integration Consulting Program helps you when you are ready. We come with a wealth of experience in managing large scale integration of marketing and communications, with high levels of complexities. Our methods ensure that you derive maximum yield in the marketing integration, with a judicious mix of optimization, automation, and retention of the hidden gems during the M&A process.




Every brand has a personality. So does yours. If you are looking to create a brand, or identify your brand personality, or looking to refresh it; let us help you with it. We bring in rich experience in brand creation and rebranding of enterprises. We also help you put together the most relevant brand proposition that sets you apart from others in your breed.

Beyond creating or refreshing the brand, we devise the right strategies to create the right experiences for your brand with all stakeholders including customers, investors, analysts, and employees across all channels and touchpoints.

We identify the right approach through humanization and automation of your brand experience to ensure high values in recall and mindshare.


Irrespective of the size of your enterprise, and more so, if you are a large company, the common challenges are around cost optimization and efficiencies in SGnA, while ensuring no adverse impact to the business deliverables. We offer to consult on the ‘Outsourceability Index’ within marketing and the processes it affects.

We help identify marketing and digital functions where we can bring in high levels of operational efficiencies. At The Higher Pitch, we have defined processes for several functions within marketing. Our experience in running marketing for large and fast-growing enterprises allows us to apply these processes to services that are high on the ‘Outsourceability Index.'

These processes, delivered out of low-cost locations, adhere to the global standards of delivery, and ensure a definite and positive impact on marketing costs.

Our program managers work closely with our digital teams to guarantee excellence in delivery, and in coordination with your in-house marketing, ensure these processes smoothly gel into your overall marketing programs.

Our marketing and digital operations desks span across:

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UX and Design

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Social Marketing and Online Reputation Management

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Content Engineering

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Marketing and Corporate Communications

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Media and Public Relations

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UI and Mobile Application Development

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Customer Support Desk for Mobile and
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