‘Timepass’ Marketing


If you have traveled in local trains in Mumbai, India, you would not have missed the lesser privileged hawkers trying to sell all and sundry to make a living. Yes, it is not a great thing to brag. However, if you look a little closer, you find some empirical pearls of marketing right there!

They may be selling newspapers, magazines, toys, or cookies. They never name their products. Next time, take a listen. All you hear from them as they sell hard making their way through the vestibules is – ‘Timepass… Timepass…’

When you hear that, you would be naturally interested to see whatever he is selling, for the only thing you want to do when on the train, is pass time.

That is the essence of marketing. Do not market the product or service. Market the need. Do not sell the bottle of water. Market the thirst. Do not sell milk. Market the lack of it. It is so Harvard, yet done brilliantly, albeit unknowingly, by these train sellers trying to make their both ends meet each day.

To experience effective marketing, don’t look too far; you may find it around you. For now, let’s do some ‘timepass’ marketing!

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