Break a Rule



Marketing is about creating something new and exciting. That has been overdone as well. This only leaves space for marketing disruptions that go beyond the rules of everything that has been done to create something iconic. Take the example of Europcar’s Crush Hour or Coke’s drinkable advertising campaign done on mobile. Both these advertisements built something that impacted people’s thought, used technology to present it, and entertained people.

Aimed at Europcar’s Auto Liberte, the Crush Hour campaign wanted to present a case of renting cars instead of selling them. They towed away cars of unsuspecting commuters and got them to call a number for help. This figure went to a radio station that was airing their statements live. It was a punk-style campaign that made an impact difficult to forget.

Coca-Cola, on the other hand, used artificial intelligence and encouraged people to finish a bottle of Coke on their phones. Harping on the concept of drinking happiness, it got people excited with one of the most interactive advertisements seen in recent times. If you finished a bottle virtually, you got one free!

What’s holding us back? Advertisers and marketers are often too pre-occupied to think out-of-the-box. What they need to do is to take charge and power their marketing game with fresh ideas. It is not about spending much money. Instead, it is about that one idea that creates waves.

However, we do see disruptions in marketing on an everyday basis as well. The instant markdown, the superstore with a gazillion products, or creating an overpriced product are all sneaky ways that have always worked in marketing. These tricks get us to buy more than we need. Marketing can make things more interesting. Using technology and social media has become one of the easiest ways to do so!

Stimulation on a Facebook feed showing the way in which a software works is more likely to garner interest than an email with technical specifications would. Understanding and then engaging the customer is the key point here. With all the data available, the real work lies in piquing active interest from the client’s side.

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