5 Definitive Enterprise Digital Trends in 2018



Much soothsaying has been happening on what is going to trend in 2018 in the digital world. With all the conversations I have been having with my customers, the fraternity, and the academia, there are certain trends I sense, with my ears to the ground. These are, however, focused on the digital ecosystem at an enterprise level, not at an individual level.

The Social Enterprise:

Enterprises will get more social, internally; or at least, will take serious strides in that direction. Communication will get better as more and more companies continue to adopt the increasingly ubiquitous social tools like Facebook for Work and Yammer through Office 365. However, enterprises must make good use of these enterprise social tools. Emails and other forms of internal communications and digital debris can reduce drastically.

The Boring Enterprise Software


“The enterprise software giants – all of them – have been boring, and will continue to be so.”

Their back-end may be robust, but their user interface is drab and unable go anywhere close to being cool. This is where the Facebooks and Yammers are scoring well. The Enterprise Software companies got to tap this opportunity sooner.

Blurring Lines between the CMO, CIO, and CTO

This has been happening for a while now, but the speed has picked up. The CMO’s role in technology decisions is getting meatier and will get even more critical as technology’s prime focus will be on delivering enhanced customer experience. The CMO now ought to get more ‘digi-tech-savvy’, as he/she consults technology groups within the enterprise on customer behavior, brand experience, journey mapping, etc.

Increased Adoption of AR and VR in the Enterprise

Augmented and Virtual Realities will make inroads into the enterprise. Yes, these will go beyond their gaming use in the living rooms and start impacting the corporate customer experience in the boardrooms. Imagine and expect a lot of your corporate material and end client experience taking the AR and VR mode.

Continued Delight in Videos and Animations

A picture can speak a thousand words, but a short video or a whiteboard animation can speak volumes, get a million eyeballs and yield great returns on your digital investments. Animated, illustrated and other forms of videos will increase multifold and will see its usage in every possible corner in the enterprise. Induction, Training, Marketing Communication, Corporate Communication, Executive Communication, Solution Demonstrations, Greetings and Promotions, and a lot of other areas will embrace videos galore.

There are many more trends. However, these five look definitive in my eye; humbled to be proved right, and on a point or so, happy to be proved wrong too!

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