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Marketing in a business-to-business enterprise comes with many challenges. If you are a startup or an SME, then the challenges are budgetary constraints and getting more bang for the buck while you still need all the inputs of marketing. If you are a large enterprise, then it is all about efficiency. Marketing teams and agency partners tend to operate in silos, and the lack of optimum integration leads to lesser yield at a higher cost. Irrespective of the size, the common thread of concern, however, is accountability and returns.

Welcome to The Higher Pitch.

We are a performance marketing company that specializes in creating integrated customer experiences for enterprises. We specialize in providing increased efficiencies in marketing by combining digital and conventional methods. We focus on pre-determined marketing outcomes and organize your marketing function such that your marketing costs are a split of fixed and variable. Our focus on integrated marketing ensures sustained and higher returns on your marketing investments.


Marketing on Tap

Direct, Web, Social, Digital, Events, Email, Voice, Media, Design, Communications - you technically don't need all of the marketing channels all of the time. You need different elements in different proportions and right combinations at any point in time. The optimum mix tying into pre-determined outcomes leads to higher efficiencies. Our integrated Marketing-as-a-Service framework allows you to avail Marketing on Tap. Let us plan the inflow and outflow with an assured increase in marketing efficiencies.

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Variable Marketing and Increasing Returns

marketing variables and returns

Marketing is more often perceived as a cost-center with most of the costs being fixed and increasing in nature. Our successful experience in anchoring business-to-business marketing allows us to model customized programs such that your marketing costs are split into fixed and variable. Such a division leads to assured possibilities of potentially reducing your fixed costs over time, while your variable costs ensure your returns are always increasing. With a constant eye on accountability, The Higher Pitch enables you to look at marketing in a new light.

Lean Marketing

If marketing is your Achilles’ heel, we can help streamline the function across your enterprise, locally and globally. We consult on identifying all prospective and latent areas of leaning down marketing while increasing the throughput. Our consulting workshop lets you see visible results even before we implement our integrated marketing programs, serving as a delight for the CFO, CMO, everyone else in-between, and around.

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Prabhanjan Deshpande


Prabhanjan Deshpande (PD)

PD has more than 16 years of corporate work experience, mostly in technology marketing and sales across the US, India, and Japan. A large part of his career was at IGATE, India’s sixth largest software exporter, till the French major, Capgemini acquired it in 2015. Through his career, PD has anchored several high-decibel marketing campaigns, turnarounds, and brand transformations, all the while focusing on efficiencies and returns on marketing. He has also successfully led integrated demand generation programs apart, and specializes in executive connects and value-based business networking. At IGATE, PD was the global head of communications and PR and was the face of the company during significant events such as M&As, digital campaigns, as well as unusual crisis situations. He has been part of the IGATE journey as it rose from $80 million to $1.2 billion in revenues over nine years. PD was also the Head of Marketing for GlobalEdge Software and LiquidHub, India.

PD is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB), and is a graduate in Life Sciences from Bangalore University. He has been part of business bodies in the country such as the CII-Young India Chapter and the Marketing Chapter at NASCOMM.

Nishant Mishra


Nishant Mishra

Nishant Mishra brings in over 15 years of a perfect blend of entrepreneurial and corporate experience. His experience of working in the global consulting team at IGATE, knowledge of technology as a business, and setting up marketing and customer service teams from the ground up augurs well for The Higher Pitch's clients. He specializes in marketing strategy, research and customer intelligence, solution building, and digital marketing, which are core elements of the company’s offerings. Nishant spent a significant amount of time at IGATE working in demand generation, digital marketing, and later in Retail & CPG consulting group. During his tenure at IGATE, he has worked on various programs around Digital Strategy, Omnichannel Retailing, and Customer Experience Management. Nishant has also led regional marketing for Birlasoft’s Europe and APAC region and has successfully carried out integrated marketing programs including advisory relations and demand generation.

Early in his career, Nishant spearheaded a digital startup where he also set up an offshore customer service team for a Bay Area-based note-taking app company, which resulted in a saving of several hundred thousand dollars during the engagement period. The startup is now valued at more than a billion dollars today. He has also led the nation-wide brand launch for one of India's leading low-cost tablet PCs and built an overall marketing ecosystem for them.

Nishant holds an MBA in Marketing and Information Technology from AMITY Business School, NOIDA, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems from J.S.S College, NOIDA. Nishant has also completed a Search Engine Marketing course from Google in collaboration with NIIT Imperia.